Seasonal Depression Disorder and Mental Health: Identity, Definition, And Minimize Tools and Techniques

Mental Disorder means to experience mental pain with chronic sequences. And Mental consequences depend on the inner physical condition, spiritual practices, and external environment. When the three components lack each other, then it is easy to build psychological imbalance. The emotional and intellectual ability can release the information we put into the inner system, and it can filter from our perception, experience, and other views from childhood. But the analysis and synthesis of the information can prioritize time to time with research and systematic energy-saving thought process. The sense of ongoing tragedy in life makes spiral negativity hard to break the sequences because chronic stress changes the brain and its function.

The repeated stress triggers the body to persistent the inflammation for the physical problem. The brain circulates the molecules by the blood-brain barrier and becomes spreading more inflammation to the brain. The mood and cognitive behavior can reveal the serotonin’s changes, which regulates the mood function’s integral part. The most important elements can concentrate the patience, persistence, and practice needed to solve the initial stage of depression.

Environment Changes, mood changes

The environment can affect mood function and cognitive development, and it helps depressed people the most. The setting defines weather, temperature, social involvement, family attachment or detachment, childhood trauma, or receiving negative information from the outside world. Winter is the season that may affect everyday people and also depression patients. The weather affected people leads with the SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder)function, and research shows it exists with an estimated 10 to 20% of cases of founding depression following the seasonal pattern. The lack of sunlight may create sad emotions. The human body builds with an internal clock, and it is associated with night and day evaluation. It is programmed with the physical alert that the sun is up; it needs to be active and exhausted or getting off when it goes down. During the winter months, the days become shorter, and the sunlight is rarely seen in the sky, making it darker to be alert to be active. The reduced level of the sun in fall and winter may cause winter depression disorder. The brain begins to process less serotonin because it is a neurotransmitter to help regulates mood, appetite, and sleep. With the shortage of serotonin while awake, it isn’t easy to having experience with a sense of wellness and development.

The direct tools and techniques may help to feel less stress and recover temporarily from the depression. Such as:

  1. Writing Journal,
  2. Eating healthy food,
  3. Sticking with the regular schedule.
  4. Keeping contact with family,
  5. Taking Vitamin D,
  6. Taking a vacation, and
  7. Creative activities (crafting painting) and physical exercises may help reduce the negative system of the mind. In that time, family members can help externally overcome depression (traveling, discussing, and spending time with each other).
Natural Healing

The mind is a significant part of the body and also the entire life. The thought process and its belongings can help the journey smoother or harder.

Bidita Rahman

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